100 Percent Tea Tree Oil for Hair

100 Percent Tea Tree Oil for Hair

While tea tree oil will benefit your hair in more than one ways, it has to be in its purest form. Tainted or unpurified oil will not only give undesired results but will also increase the risk of side effects especially if applied on the scalp. With that being said, which are some of the 100 percent tea tree oil for hair brands on the market?

Picking any of the following choices would be an excellent way to start the quest to improve your hair’s health naturally.

1. Toothy Grins 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil

Sourced from Australia, the home of Melaleuca alternifolia, and bottled in the United States, the Toothy Grins 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is a highly acclaimed premium product judging by its 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. It has a natural smell and classy label that’s easy to spot. When mixed with other essential oils such as lavender or coconut, it will among other benefits enhance hair growth, prevent hair loss and get rid of dandruff. And you can also mix it with shampoo as you wash your hair.

2. Eve Hansen 100% Pure and Natural Tea Tree Oil

High quality, 100 percent tea tree oil for hair, Eve Hansen is steam distilled and undiluted for the highest efficacy. Bottled in a Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) registered facility in the United States, this oil has the nod of natural health care practitioners and is proven to be beneficial to the overall hair health.

And, just in case you have any doubts about the quality and potency of this product, it might catch your attention to know that its manufacturer has attached a 100% money back guarantee to it. What does that tell you? The manufacturer believes in the quality of their product and is willing to stand by it.

3. Invivo Essential 100% Tea Tree Oil

Apart from its premium, untainted quality, this oil comes with an eBook that stipulates how to use it for the best results. It is packed an amber glass bottle and has a phenolic lid to shield oil from the UV rays of the sun. To soak up the benefits of this oil, simply massage it into your scalp at least thrice every week. Be sure to dilute it with carrier oils such as rosemary or coconut.


If you’re scouting for 100 percent tea tree oil for hair, we want you to buy from the point of information, hence the above suggestions. As stated, tea tree oil is best used in its purest form so be sure to check the product’s details before hitting the Buy Now button.