Best Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Best Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Just like any other market, the tea tree oil market is flooded with various brands and choosing the right one can be a nerve-wracking affair. So, which is the best tea tree oil for hair among the hundreds of brands on the market? Here are our top picks.

Best Tea Tree Oil for Hair

1. Radha Tea Tree Oil

Distilled from fresh leaves, Radha tea tree oil is marketed as pure, unfiltered and with no additives or filler. Judging by the number of customer reviews on Amazon, it is one of the most sought after brands. It is versatile too; you can mix it with carrier oils such as coconut oil for additional benefits to your hair.

2. Majestic Pure Tea Tree Oil

Majestic pure tea tree oil contains 45% terpinen-4-ol, a powerful hydrocarbon known for its germ-killing abilities. This could as well be the essential oil to go for if you want to keep your scalp free of dandruff and other common scalp conditions as such as eczema. The oil comes with a dropper to ensure that you get the correct measurement when mixing it with other essential oils. Majestic pure tea tree oil is packaged in the United States.

3. First Botany Tea Tree Oil

This Pharmaceutical Caliber tea tree oil is 100% pure, untainted and natural to ensure that its effectiveness remains intact. It is packed in a large 4 Oz bottle to give the most value for money. You can add it to your shampoo to reduce the intensity of itching on the scalp and to moisture the hair. It also comes with an apical quality dropper to make dosage simple and to prevent leakage as well as dripping when mixing First Botany with other essential oils.

4. Sun Organic Tea Tree Oil

Sun Organic is a well-established tea tree oil for hair brand that has been around for a while. Apart from helping rejuvenate the growth of your hair, the oil boasts a distinguished fragrance to keep your hair smelling fresh. The Sun Organic tea tree oil can be used together with lavender, olive and coconut oil to get rid of problems such as hair loss, dryness, and oiliness. It can also be mixed with jojoba oil to induce hair growth.


Looking for the best tea tree oil for hair? Well, these four brands will give a good place to start. Your preference and budgetary allocation primarily determine the choice of one brand over the over . Nonetheless, all of them will work just fine for your hair.