How much coconut oil for weight loss

How much coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut oil is considered as 90% saturated fat that made up with lauric acid that is medium chain fat that has better effect for heart rather than other saturated fats.  Therefore, this oil has benefit into heart health and loses weight as well. Then, how much coconut oil for weight loss daily that required for the weight loss?

Do you know that different foods have macronutrients that go through to the body with different metabolic pathways? Food types that you eat everyday are bring different huge effect into your body hormones and body metabolism. There are some pathways of metabolism that perform efficiently rather than others and there are some foods that need more energy use for metabolize and digest to body.

On coconut oil, there is important agent that called with Thermogenic, where eating this foods are tends to increase the fat burning (energy expenditure) that able to compare with same amount for other calories fats.  A research find that eating coconut oil about 1 to 2 tablespoon or about 15-30 grams from this incredible medium chain fats each day is able to increase fat burning into 5% from total 120 calories each day. There are different amount that recommended for different weight loss target due to the weight from the person.

Then, how much coconut oil for weight loss amount that recommended to take daily for weight loss? The best time to take coconut oil is 20 minutes before the meal times as it will help to reduce appetite and help to make satisfied and fell full faster even with smaller portion from the past portions.

  • For person with weight 90-120 lbs, mix the 1 tablespoon coconut oil before each meals.
  • For person with 131-180 lbs weight, use 1.5 tablespoon coconut oil liquid before meal times each day.
  • For person with over 180 lbs, use 2 tablespoon coconut oil before each mealtime, that totally 6 tablespoon each day.

There are two essential types of virgin coconut oil, the virgin coconut oil and the refined. The best type for weight loss is the virgin coconut oil as it made from fresh coconut meat. You also need to aware as coconut oil is still a fat, then take it wisely. It contain with 9 calories per gram. Take the consideration amount when you want to use coconut oil for weight loss purpose. You can start by adding coconut oil to replace the other cooking fats.