How to Apply Coconut Oil for Acne

How to Apply Coconut Oil for Acne

Do you want to know how to apply coconut oil for acne? If you are in search of effective and simple tips on how you can treat pimples with coconut oil, then you have come to the right place. Read along this post and find out what you can do to get rid of acne by using this pure and natural product.

How Coconut Oil Helps

Before we go to the different techniques on applying coconut oil to your skin, you may want to learn about the benefits and impressive properties of this product. Coconut oil is effective in improving your liver’s ability to pull toxins out of your body while eliminating used androgenic hormones that cause excessive sebum. Because of this effect, your skin becomes less susceptible to acne and other impurities.

It is also important to note that coconut oil is great in calming down and minimizing secretion of sebum. In addition, acne bacteria in the body are reduced, which helps restore your skin’s balance. With less bacteria in the body, infection and inflammation can be prevented. You can also avoid the issue on the hyperproliferation of dead cells in the skin.

Applying Coconut Oil to Treat Acne

Here are some ways on how to apply coconut oil for acne, so you can achieve maximum benefits. You are better off with coconut oil when it comes to treating pimples since it is natural and gentle to your skin. However, you should opt for virgin or extra virgin oil that has not gone through a tedious process. This ingredient is also obtained from fresh coconuts, which means there are more nutrients found in it.

When using coconut oil, you need to go slow. This means that you should only use a thin layer on your skin, and it must be applied in a circular motion. Focus only on the affected area and apply the oil before bedtime. You should observe your skin for new breakouts and test only a small area before putting too much oil on it. It may also be better to do allergy test and wait for a day if you notice any itching or rashes afterwards.

Keep in mind that during the detox process, you may notice more pimples to occur. There is also a greasy feeling at the start, but this should disappear once the skin has absorbed the oil. With these tips on how to apply coconut oil for acne, you should be able to notice the best results you want for a smoother and pimple-free skin.