How to eat coconut oil for weight loss

How to eat coconut oil for weight loss

Coconut oil is unique world most friendly fat for weight loss. It contain with fatty acids that has important role in giving metabolism effect to your weight loss.  There are number of studies that find adding coconut oil in weight loss program can lose fat especially in abdominal cavity area.   Here are smart diets how to eat coconut oil for weight loss.

First that you need to understand from coconut oil is, this oil has contained with high medium triglycerides, the smart fatty acids that can boost body metabolism. These fatty acids metabolized differently from other fat with longer chain fats. The fatty acids will send directly into liver from digestive tract where this fat is used for energy and turned into ketone bodies.

The coconut oil lose your weight as it increase metabolism, improve the digestion system, enhance bowel function, reduces the inflammation, protect from free radicals agents, and help to relieve symptom of diseases such as heart, and diabetes.  One thing that you need to remember that, coconut oil is still calories. It has 9 calories from per gram. Therefore, if you consider use coconut oil for weight loss, then you can consider these several ways for eat more coconut oil everyday.

First way for eat coconut oil in your diet is cook your meals with coconut oil. It is healthier option since it has less refined and pure. The second way is take the coconut oil by spoonful. This is usually for those who do not mind for tasting the feeling of coconut oil in mouth as this as easiest way for taking coconut oil as daily basis. If you really use this spoonful recipe for weight loss, then take the oil 20 minutes before mealtime as it will reduce appetite and make you feel fuller longer with smaller portions and boost the metabolism.

Next is adding to your smoothies and juice. It add dense nutrient to diet program. You also can add to your other drink such as coffee and tea, or try this recipe; the coconut oil chocolate. If you are baker, replace the butter oil with coconut oil in the recipes. You also can add coconut oil into your oatmeal for breakfast or yogurt for morning stamina.  When you consider coconut oil for weight loss, record to your coconut oil tract that make you know exactly the amount from coconut oil you take.  Find other ways on how to eat coconut oil for weight loss