How to Use Coconut Oil for Skin

how to use coconut oil for skin

The following method is how to use coconut oil for skin with various purposes:

Skin Lotion

Apply some coconut oil on your skin thoroughly after taking bath. The oil is functioned as moisturizer especially for dry skin. The coconut oil will absorb into your skin very well. You can also add some drops of green tea or lavender essential oil and mix it for massage mixture oil. This way, coconut oil is good for dry feet caused by summer heat.

Night Cream

Coconut oil is very useful as intensive skin moisturizer at night., specially for dry skin. When your skin has been cleaned and taken a night rest, make sure that you do a simple trial on your other skin part before applying it on your face skin. Some people think coconut oil is too moist for face so they prefer olive oil.

Make up Cleanser

Coconut oil is very effective to clean your face from thick make up. Sometimes, as you need to be active all day, you wear waterproof make up, and it is very hard to clean using regular cleansing cream. Now you can use coconut oil by taking it on cotton and apply gently on your skin. This would also be applied on your eyelid for total cleaning.

Lip Balm

Coconut oil can be used as lip balm for dry lips. You know that dry lips can be disturbing sometimes, Keep a little drop of coconut oil into small bottle and put into your bag, you can use it every time you need to apply the oil on your dry lips.

Body Scrub

If you have extreme dry skin problem, you can use coconut oil for body scrub. Coconut oil can be mixed with natural salt or honey in a bowl, then rub it gently on your body skin. Some lime juice can make it perfect. Use your hand to evenly spread the oil mixture and let it for a while. After 30 minutes you can have warm water to take bath and do it at least once a week.

Hair scalp mask

Coconut oil could be a sold creme in a room temperature but you may heat it on 76 degrees to melt it. However, when coconut oil becomes a solid creme, you can use it as hair mask, and it is good to remove hair scalp. Apply the creme evenly on your head skin, and let it for at least 30 minutes. Give a little massage while waiting, and let it again for 5 minutes before you clean it with fresh water. A frequent coconut oil hair mask would make it more beautiful and remove hair scalp well. The above methods explains you with the right ways of  how to use coconut oil for skin.