Latest Research Found Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s Prevention

Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s Prevention

Coconut oil has been used since hundreds of years ago. Beside it is commonly used as cooking oil, coconut oil is also known to have many good effects for body health, including treatment and prevention for Alzheimer disease. Alzheimer is a disease that attacks the brain, causing a decrease in cognitive abilities up until smooth muscle tissue. So that Alzheimer sufferer has also experienced a significant decrease in quality of life. There have been several medical researches about coconut oil for alzheimer’s prevention as follows:

  1. According to a journal of Alzheimer, it is stated that coconut oil can weaken the effect of amyloid beta in cortical neurons in vitro. Thus, as a result, coconut oil is very effective in reducing the deterioration of memory that associated with neurodegenerative disease and aging, such as Parkinson and Alzheimer. Moreover, based medical practitioners from the New York University, Dr. Manny Alvarez, he stated that coconut oil is able to produce the type of fat, called as caprylic acid. Fat is then broke into a substance called as ketone bodies. These keton bodies that later become the alternative source of energy production for the brain cells, that have lost the ability to use glucose as a source of nutrition. This theory then might explain the advantages of consuming coconut oil for alzheimer’s prevention.
  2. Moreover, according to researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada, they conducted a study to analyze and investigate the effect of having additional supplement with coconut oil that directly transported into cortical neurons. Cortical neurons is main component found in the brain of patients with alzheimer’s disease that contribute into the cause of disease. To prevent this disease occur in the future, Alzheimer patient may consume 45 to 90 days of treatment using triglycerides from coconut oil. Medium chain of  triglycerides that found in coconut known as caprylic acid.
  3. Many researchers believed that coconut oil can be metabolized into ketones, that can produce as an alternative energy source for neurons. This later can compensate for mitochondrial dysfunction. Coconut oil that contains caprylic acid is capable of breaking down into ketone bodies. A caprylic acid derivatives protein, that is similar to the medical language, known as ketasyn. People who have ketasyn will have better working memory as well as reducing cognitive decline.

Those are 3 medical researches that can be used as your reference about the use of coconut oil for alzheimer’s prevention