The Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s Sufferer

The Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s

Coconut oil is renowned to be one of the foods that need to be avoided in a diet for long time. It is because coconut oil contains saturated fat which is closely associated with severe diseases like diabetes and heart attack. However, nowadays it is included in the list of healthy foods and brings a number of benefits for health including maintaining weight, improving immunity, and curing Alzheimer’s disease.  The benefits offered by coconut oil fur Alzheimer sufferers actually make many people want to know about how to use coconut oil for alzheimer’s.

There are some claims which stated that can be used to reduce and cure Alzheimer’. These claims actually appear due to a theory if people who suffer from this disease, their nerve cells in the brains cannot form energy from glucose as it should be. Then, this creates starving condition in the brain. To overcome this condition, the claims stated that coconut oil provides alternative energy source for the brain that can reduce the symptoms of the disease. However, currently, there is no strong experimental evidence that can support these claims.

A clinical trial currently piloted in US to know whether it is safe enough for people with Alzheimer and how it affects the sufferers’ memory. Unfortunately, the result of the trial is not published yet and can be expected in 2017. Some evidences tell the contrary by stating that the saturated fats contained in this oil could meanderingly imperil people who suffer from this disease. It is due to rise of particular type of protein which already high in people who is affected by this disease.

Due to the spread of these claims, people keep wondering on how to use coconut oil for alzheimer’s. For reducing or curing this disease, coconut oil should be included in your daily diet. If you don’t mind with the taste of the oil, you can consume it directly. The claims also stated that you can treat this disease simply just by consuming 4 teaspoons of this oil each day.

You also can take this oil through some other ways. For instance, you can use it to add tropical favor when you sauté vegetables or stir any favorite foods. You also can spread this oil over the breakfast menu such as pancakes or toast. Coconut oil can be used to substitute margarine when you bake something in order to reduce trans fat which can risk the health.