What is coconut oil for hair side effects treatment

What is coconut oil for hair side effects treatment

For long time a go, coconut oil has been known as traditional oil with much benefit for beauty and health. It can improve hair shinier, thicker and grow. However, there are wonder what is coconut oil for hair side effects especially when there are people that have allergic or any wrong treatment steps? Here are side effects from coconut oil for hair treatment.

Coconut oil is rich with vitamin, mineral and carbohydrate that have good benefit for body. Coconut oil has been use for hair treatment for years and it has shows the remarkable result. Coconut oil treatment hair side effect possibly comes from allergic reaction. The allergic reaction consist into skin reactions, in case to the hair treatment, then area that most affected with coconut oil hair side effect is scalp reaction allergy.

You can test the allergic reaction by use the oil into non-sensitive skin area by rubbing it and watch for next 24 hour for allergic reaction appears such as itching or swelling.  In other side, hair treatment use coconut oil that leaves for overnight potentially make the dandruff when it is not rinse well. In addition, when use coconut oil for hair treatment; it should as pure as pure essential oil when it melted. When it not melted as pure as oil, it can leave residue in your hair.

Coconut oil that use for hair treatment and the scalp has infected with fungal infection, there are possibility for die-off condition that probably occurred. This condition is due to anti fungal agent from the coconut oil that able to kill large number of fungal that can release toxins into blood stream.  Be aware when the toxins appears as same as flu-like symptom that can disappear after few days.

To prevent the side effect from coconut oil use, then for those who have allergies to certain foods, then take only small amount from the recommended before ensure the reaction of allergic. Take coconut oil that labeled with organic that ensures it has pure ingredients. The smell from coconut oil also can leave into long lasting time as you have the treatment. However, it is just few side effects from coconut oil from much benefit that you can get from the oil. From what is coconut oil for hair side effects beyond, you can prepare for the signs and symptom of coconut oil for hair side effects that probably appears.