Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil for Hair

Where to Buy Tea Tree Oil for Hair

While buying tea tree oil for hair isn’t necessarily a daunting task, you need to choose your sources carefully. To begin with, you will want to make sure that the oil you’re buying is pure and does not contain additives. Secondly, you’ll want to buy from a trusted seller. That way, you can be guaranteed that the oil will be shipped to you.

That said which are the best places to buy tea tree oil?

1. Online Retailers

Since the advent of online shopping, a majority of Americans have embraced the idea of buying items from the comfort of their homes. While online shopping is convenient, it comes with some risks. Not every online retailer out there will ship the items ordered, and you can lose money if not careful. Needless to say, some online retailers are in the business of scamming unsuspecting customers.

With that being said, some of the best online retailers to buy tea tree oil include Amazon and eBay. Apart from a good reputation, these retailers offer discounts from time to time thereby allowing you to save a couple of bucks.

2. Manufacturer’s Official Website

You may also choose to source your tea tree oil for hair direct from the manufacturer. Most makers of tea tree oil (if not all) sell their product on their official website, and this could be an excellent option to purchase your bottle. Just like the online stored mentioned above, you can be sure that the vessel will be shipped to you in time.

Besides, most manufacturers offer discounts and savings programs that you can advantage of.

3. Brick and Mortar Beauty Stores

You can as well get your tea tree oil bottle from a beauty store if you live near one and don’t mind driving or walking you way there. One of the main advantages of buying from a brick and mortar store is that you can see what you’re buying. You can also ask questions regarding the product and how to use it for the best results.


When purchasing tea tree oil for hair, you want value for your money. If you’re buying from online retailers other the ones mentioned above, be sure to read their reviews first. Also, read the return policy and any other terms and conditions just in case you’re not satisfied with the product after it is shipped to you. And for those who might be concerned, other places you can buy your tea tree bottle online include Walmart, Sephora, CVS, and Drugstore. Happy Shopping!